Speculation over who planned and executed the bombings at the Boston Marathon will undoubtedly continue, even after authorities narrow down the suspect list. An article entitled Bomber was "Montana whack job" or Al Qaeda operative by WPRO News reporter Kim Kalunian demonstrates the wide range of suspects many experts are considering.

Kalunian reports that in a conversation with WPRO Anchor Buddy Cianci, Newport Naval War College Professor of Strategy and Policy , Dr. Marc Genest said that there are strong indications that the bombs were set off by by "a traditional terror organization or group." Indications such as the types of bombs used and the timing of the event for high casualty count and media coverage lead many to this conclusion.

However, Genest went on to say, “It also could be an American that is angry at the federal government, remember, this is tax day. It could be some far right wing kind of Montana whack job.”

Genest has been contacted to see if he still stands by the "Montana whack job" phrasing. His response will be posted here when available.