Cats already have remarkable hearing skills, but a gray feline in Russia found with five ears takes the cake for impressive hearing ability.

According to Vladimir Obryvkov of the Voronezh State University of Agriculture, the cat -- named Luntya -- has two normal ears, two extra ears located just in front of those and then an additional tiny fifth ear.

Luntya's behavior doesn't vary from your typical house cat, but she does have slightly larger paws compared to others.

Obryvkov has studied animals with anomalies and already owns a cat with four ears. He plans to mate Luntya and the four-eared cat to create a new breed. He's also worked with a two-headed calf, a one-eyed lamb, a chicken with four legs and a colt with two noses and three eyes.

No word on how whether Luntya actually has nine lives.

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