Ever wonder where seized items end up? Police departments seize evidence and unclaimed items all the time and after an allotted time, they are allowed to sell them, usually for pretty cheap. While the traditional method was to hold auctions at town halls or ball rooms, now Montana Police departments are selling there stuff on online auction websites.

The Billings Police Deprartment just announced they will be selling their evidence and unclaimed items on a site called Property Room. Each item starts at $1, with a few exceptions, and is sold to the highest bid at the end of its auction time.

Property Room is a national company with most of its clients being police departments. The Billings Police Department will use its proceeds to pay for $60,000 evidence processing software over a five year deal made with the company. If the BPD makes the $60,000 in under five years, the BPD will then split the profits with Property Room for the remaining time.

I spent a few minutes perusing the site and found some promising leads. I found a $70 XBox 360 Elite, some fine art, motorcycles and scooters and car speakers just to name a few. Head on over to www.propertyroom.com and browse the selection. Maybe the Bozeman Police Department will join in the online auction as well.

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