Several years ago, one of my favorite shows was "Man Vs. Food".  Basically, a dude travels the country and stops at local dining establishments to try out their culinary creations...oh, and the kicker?  The host accepts a food challenge to see who the ultimate winner is, Man or Food.

Did you know the show actually made a stop here in Montana? Twice, actually.

The original host of the show was Adam Richman and Richman checked out a few places in Butte back in 2010.  Richman went to the Freeway Tavern, Joe's Pasty Shop (which sadly closed last fall after 74 years of serving up great food), and Trimbo's Pizza (which also closed back in 2016). Trimbo's was home to the 5lb Stromboli challenge.

The show came to Billings back in 2017 and stopped at The Burger Dive (home of the World Champion Huckleberry Burger) Staggering Ox Restaurant, and Bull Mountain Grille (home of the 78 oz Ribeye challenge).

Check out Randy from Food Challenges take on the Bull Mountain Grille challenge with a friend below.

So, where can you find some of the other food challenges that Montana has to offer? Kind of your own Man OR Woman Vs. Food. Here are some of the top picks.

The Burger Bunkers "The General: Burger Challenge

The Burger Bunker Challenge in Great Falls, Montana is no easy task.  The challenge consists of eating two Malmstrom burgers, a side of fries, PLUS a side of onion rings in 20 minutes or less.  If you succeed, it's free and a spot on the Wall of Fame, if not, it will cost you 19 bucks (which is still a pretty fantastic deal)

KEG Family Restaurant "Mega Kegger" Burger Challenge

Are you ready for this one? This is a SERIOUS food challenge. KEG Family Restaurant in Conrad, Montana offers the "Mega Kegger" challenge.  Are you ready for this? The Mega Kegger Burger Challenge consists of eating 7.5 pounds of food. The meal includes a cheeseburger that weighs over 3 pounds, plus fries and a milkshake. Finish the meal and it's free, plus you get a t-shirt and on the Wall of Fame.  if not, you have to pay. I can't even imagine being able to eat all that, I mean that's a huge freaking burger.

Nap's Grill's Bitterroot Beast Burger Challenge

Sticking with our burger theme, we head over to Nap's Grill in Hamilton, Montana is famous for the Bitterroot Beast Burger Challenge.  The burger is actually three 12 oz patties topped off with onions, mushrooms, and bacon. Plus, you get a pound of french fries and a shake (you pick the flavor).  If you finish the challenge in 25 minutes or less, your meal is free, you walk away with a t-shirt and your picture goes on on the "Wall of Fame".  If you don't, well, you pay for your meal.

Stella's "Monster Cake" Pancake Challenge

Who doesn't love breakfast food right?  I mean, up to this point all we've talked about is burgers, well what do you say we talk some pancakes?  Stella's Kitchen and Bakery in Billings, Montana has the "Monster Cake" Pancake Challenge. The challenge consists of 4 pancakes (buttermilk, wheat, or gluten-free) that weigh right under three and a half pounds. There is no time limit on the challenge, you just have to finish them in one sitting.  If you're able to eat it all, you score yourself a free cinnamon roll.

Oh, and check out the cinnamon roll if you beat the challenge, is that not a thing of beauty?

So if you are feeling hungry and looking for a challenge, you've got yourself a few options here in Montana. By all means, if you do try any of the above challenges, let us know. Oh, and if you know of a "Food Challenge" that we missed, send us a message and tell us all about it.


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