Bozeman has endless possibilities when it comes to having fun outdoors. We have biking,running, hiking, fishing, swimming and camping. But you already know of those ideas. We thought we would introduce to you the best of the obscure activities. Enjoy! 

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    Folf or Disc Golf

    This may not be too obscure as the sport's popularity continues to grow every year, but we thought we would offer a few pointers to get beginners started and maybe even provide some new info for the intermediates. The only course in town is Rose Park, located on Oak and 27th Street. If you have never played this course it may be a little tricky to find where to go at first. The best advice I can give is to make sure you tee off from the concrete platforms because they point directly towards the basket you are meant to aim for. There is a map of the course at the Rose Park website. There are two courses up the Bridger Canyon past Bridger Bowl, Bohart and Battle Ridge. Both are great courses through the mountains providing a great workout too. The courses can be tough to navigate without someone who knows the hole placements. Most Disc Golfers are friendly and will let you join up with them if you need direction. If you're looking to buy a new disc, Play it Again Sports on Oak Street has the best selection I've found. They carry Innova, Discraft and many other brands. Hastings also carries a good amount of Discraft discs.

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    Slack Lining

    If you have never slack lined or even heard of it, the concept is pretty simple. However, the execution is terribly difficult. To set it up, all you do is tie climbing webbing between two trees with the webbing suspended a couple of feet off the ground. You then attempt to balance and walk along the webbing. Tying the webbing works best if you have a ratchet strap to get the webbing tight between the trees, you want it as tight as you can. Don't worry, your weight will create the slack when you attempt to walk it. Be careful which trees you choose to attempt this on and where because the webbing will most likely damage the tree's bark which might upset other fellow Bozeman citizens. If you are totally confused, check out this video that will put it all into perspective (and makes it look much too easy)

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    Outside Adult Beverage Games

    [We would like to mention that we promote the consumption of age appropriate beverages] My recent new favorite is a game called 'Beer Cricket'. All you need to play is four empty glass bottles, a Frisbee, a yard about 30 feet long, and three friends to play with. First, set two bottles standing up in the grass at one end of the field with the bottles the diameter of a Frisbee apart (about 12 inches.) Then walk about 12 paces from those bottles to the other end of the field, and place the other two bottles the same way in a parallel line to the other two. The four bottles will maek the shape of a long rectangle that is 12 paces by 12 inches. Then put a beverage cup with some beverage in it in the middle of the field you just set up. The game requires two people on each team and players stand on opposite ends of their teammates. The object is to throw the Frisbee any way you prefer and try to knock over the bottles on the opposite end of the field from you. If you do knock over a bottle or both, you sprint to pick up the Frisbee again and try and hit the bottles on the other side. The opposing team is able to try and defend your second throw but only after first drinking the beverage cup in the center of the field. Your teammate can deflect your through into the bottles on the second through which ads a bit of strategic play into the game. Each bottle knocked over is one point, and you take turns throwing back and forth until someone reaches 11. Have fun and throw responsibly.

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    Repel Down Waterfalls

    This may be a bit dangerous for most, but it's a great way to cool down. First, head to any of the water falls around Bozeman, we particularly like the ones at Hyalite. And they offer a great trail to hike on as well. Be sure to use your rock climbing knowledge to securely fasten your harness and anchor before descending. We recommend using super stable nearby trees and at least three of them for safety. Check out this video for more in depth explanation on readying your anchor.  And finally, enjoy a wonderfully cold repel down a Montana waterfall.

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    Ultimate Frisbee Summer League

    The league begins each summer in mid June. Each Monday, the teams show up and attempt to best their opponents in a game to 16. Each team is made up of over 10 players and the season last for over 8 games. This is a great way to learn the new sport as each team captain goes over strategy and technique each week with his/her team. To sign up or get more info check out the website for the Bozeman Summer Ultimate League.

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