The bathroom isn't necessarily the worst place for a teeth cleaning. In fact that's where most folks regularly brush their teeth. Nevertheless, you wouldn't want to show up for a dental appointment for your checkup and be taken into the bathroom.

That's exactly what happened when patients visited William Escobar's apartment/dental office. That's also why it isn't so surprising that the Morpark, CA man — who not only cleaned teeth and did filings but performed orthodontics — wasn't actually a DDS.

According to the authorities, the 40-year-old was running an elaborate and completely unlicensed dental practice out of his home's bathroom.

He apparently had a steady stream of customers, many of them children and teens. Escobar remained under the radar for months until he was reported by a dissatisfied customer who had suffered swelling of the gums after going to Escobar — who then threatened him when he refused to pay for the botched service.

Escobar was charged with felony practice of dentistry without a license, misdemeanor furnishing of dangerous drugs, and possession of needles. The California Dental Board is aiding in the investigation. We imagine this is one of their more exciting cases.