Are we to the point where lethal violence is no longer a big deal? We watch Chicago set records almost every weekend for shooting deaths. Who does that?

According to Gun Violence Archive there is a mass shooting almost every day of the year in the United States.

Most of these shooting don’t move the media Richter Scale because many are domestic violence shootings. Ho-Hum, old news.

Mass Shootings

Now Orlando, that’s a different animal. Forty-nine dead plus the shooter. Front page news for how long? Until Brexit. The Untied Kingdom leaving the European Union blew Orlando off the front pages.

Mass carnage but a vote and stock market downsizing is way more important this week. Then more on Hillary’s emails, more quips from Donald Trump, and boom Turkey.

Suicide Bombing

A triple suicide bombing and gun attack killed 42 people at Istanbul's main airport. We were even treated to video of one attacker blowing himself up. Now that’s entertainment.

But we had to move on to Bangladesh.


Twenty people inside the Holey Artisan Bakery cafe were killed, along with two police officers and six terrorists. Front page news right?

Perhaps for a day or two.

Some Final Thoughts

I may not have all these events in chronological order but with so many things rotating through the front pages it’s hard to keep them straight.

But it does seem that we’re accepting violence more easily these days.

The Orlando shooting prompted a1960s style “gun control sit-in” by Democrats in Congress — IN CONGRESS.

Complete with reworked lyrics to We Shall Overcome Some Day. The only thing missing was tie-dyed three-piece suits and Buffalo Springfield wafting in the background.

There’s just something about a slightly overweight woman in a wool skirt trying to gracefully get down on the floor — that says gun control to me.

When or where will the next horrific human carnage happen? It’s anybody’s guess. The only real question is — will anyone care?

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