(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
Americans for Prosperity Montana, State Director David Herbst recently issued an open letter to Governor Steve Bullock asking him to stand up to the EPA's "Clean Power Plan" by refusing to put forward an implementation plan until the courts have decided its legality.

State Director David Herbst:

"The EPA wildly exceeded its authority in mandating such sweeping and expensive changes to Montana's power grid. The regulations will hike costs on Montana families by $500 a year and it's just not fair. Everyone from the Chamber of Commerce to the labor unions, free market advocates and energy producers have come out against this plan. And at the end of the day, it should be Montana -- not unelected bureaucrats in Washington D.C. making decisions about our energy future. Montanans shouldn't be on the hook for implementing a single penny of these new regulations until the courts have decided if they're even legal in the first place.”

The Clean Power Plan is the Administration’s proposal to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from U.S. power plants, which will add costs to both the electric and heating bills for all customers in the United States.