Whoever says the news doesn’t print enough good news these days needs to see these photos of a victim of the recent tornadoes finding the dog he lost in the storms.

Greg Cook of Limestone County, Ala. lost a lot during the recent tornadoes that slammed the Midwest. The saddest loss was his chocolate Labrador, Coco. However, he got a small bit of good news in the midst of all the wanton destruction and despair.

Coco had somehow survived the dangerous Category-5 tornado that ripped through his town and was reunited with his very grateful and tearful owner. His home was completely destroyed, but the dog didn’t have a scratch on him.

The Associated Press captured the reunion on camera, and they’re starting to sprout up all over the Internet to give hope to those who are fearing the worst about these destructive forces of nature and the damage they have done all across the country.

Check out the very moving photos of Cook and his Dog on Buzzfeed.

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