Besides being the only 15th regionally ranked team to ever make it to the sweet sixteen in the NCAA Basketball tournament, who is Florida Gulf Coast University?

  1. Their mascot is an Eagle.
  2. They finished their basketball season with a 13 - 5 record in their conference
  3. They are in the Atlantic Sun Conference
  4. Their tallest players stand at six foot nine inches and there are three of them on the team!
  5. Chase Fieler (six foot seven inches) is really good at one handed ally-oops
  6. Florida Gulf Coast University's next game is against Florida on March 29th at 9:57pm.
  7. The last time the FGCU and Florida met, FGCU won... in baseball.

I just have one question still unanswered, is this how they celebrate? Let us know if you will be watching in the comments below.