HOUR ONE: Vote in our KMMS Morning Soapbox Poll Question of the Day, “War With Iran?” TOPICS: Local weather, road condition, review of our poll questions and texter activity on the Iran killing of their terrorist general.

HOUR TWO: (Begins at 40:11) More on the Iran situation, our new sponsor ‘Club Tavern And Grill’ Bridger Bowl growing pains, there’s a new mayor in town, Red Cross Blood drive needs volunteers, HRDC low cost housing, MSU research event Jan 30th at Museum of the Rockies, Livingston Superfund site cleanup, Christmas miracle dog lives, Colstrip 1&2 closing soon, missing American Indian woman missing from rest stop.

HOUR THREE: (Begins at 1:22:36) Trump goes after Iraq and Iran, Trump tweets will notify Congress, Iran leaves nuclear deal, should America stand down when it comes to tensions between the US and Iran. Callers and texters debate the issue. And much more.

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