Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, continues to face opposition worldwide due to his controversial actions. His Swiss bank account has been frozen as there is a warrant out for his arrest concerning pretty serious allegations not related to his website.
  • 28 Nov: First cables released
  • 29 Nov: US brands cable leaks an "attack on the international community" and says criminal investigation ongoing
  • 29 Nov: Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin calls for Mr Assange to be "pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders"
  • 30 Nov: Ecuador's vice president suggests Mr Assange could claim asylum but the president later rebuffs the idea
  • 3 Dec: Wikileaks forced to change web address after coming under cyber attack
  • 3 Dec: Sweden issues new European arrest warrant for Mr Assange over sex crime allegations

via BBC News - Wikileaks: Swiss bank freezes Julian Assange's account.