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Airplane For Assange?
There is talk that the U.S. is putting together actions to have Mr. Assange, Wikileaks founder, extradited Stateside to be charged with espionage. But could this have a much bigger recoil than anything Mr. Assange is planning to do?
WikiLeaks Founder Offers His Own Threat- The Globe and Mail
Founder, Julian Assange, attempts to fight back against death threats and criminal allegations toward him and his family by threatening the release of his entirety of stolen documents if he is forced to go on trial over sex crime allegations in Sweden.
Wikileaks Piggy Bank Running Dry?
Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, continues to face opposition worldwide due to his controversial actions. His Swiss bank account has been frozen as there is a warrant out for his arrest concerning pretty serious allegations not related to his website...