Last week's interview with Rabbi Aryel Nachman Ben Chaim provided some illumination to the question, why Jews vote Democrat.  Rabbi Nachman heads a virtual synagogue, and is an author and cartoonist.  During 2012, Jews voted for Obama 70-30 despite an anti-Israel policy pursued by the Administration.  This was down only 5 point from 2008.  Surprisingly, the Rabbi commented that only 20% of all Jews fled the Phaoroh for freedom from slavery.  My comment, "You did pretty well.  Usually the response rate in any organization is 10-15%."  Other questions the rabbi included are:

  • Why rabbis and the clergy are silent on the great social issues of our time
  • Are the values of Judaism consistent with the principles of limited government and  self-reliance
  • Based on history of persecution, shouldn't Jews support gun rights

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