Photo by Tom Egelhoff

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I hate it when my favorite store is out of my favorite brand. Sometimes my favorite is a national brand name and in other cases it might be something made locally.

For example, I prefer Best Foods Mayo but Pauline’s BBQ sauce made locally here in Montana.

Here are a few brands that have become my favorites over the years.

  • Jack In The Box Ultimate Cheeseburger – We don’t have a JITB here but years ago when I had access to one that was my go to burger. Is it as good today as I remember? Next time I’m near one I’ll find out.
  • Local burgers I like Burger Bob’s or the Korner Club at Four Corners
  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express are in a constant war for my dollars. I don’t really have a favorite brand of card, but I do use those with high cash back rewards for the things I purchase.
  • One of my early jobs was an auto mechanic. There was just no substitute for Craftsman Tools. The few cents more was well worth it for their lifetime guarantee.
  • Not sure I have a favorite brand of big box store but if I had to choose it would probably be Costco. A little pricier than the others but always pretty good quality across the board.
  • Locally I shop Owenhouse for my yard and garden needs.
  • Town and Country Foods and Heeb’s for day-to-day groceries and meat.
  • The Meat Shoppe if I’m filling the freezer.
  • If I want a really nice home cooked style meal with a Montana atmosphere I’m at the Kountry Kitchen in Four Corners.
  • Favorite radio station? Really?? Do you have to ask??

Some Final Thoughts

We all have our favorite foods, places, and interests. But how did they become our favorites? What did we like before our current favorites?

Something to think about. What are your favorites??

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