The Center for Western Priorities released a website recently to serve as a source of accurate and up-to-date information on efforts across nine Western states to “transfer,” seize, or auction off America’s public lands.

The website, AmericanPublicLands, offers a variety of information on the issue, including:
A summary of efforts by state politicians and legislatures to turn national public lands over the states.
Public opinion research showing how Westerners perceive efforts by states to take over national public lands.
Economic research on the costs of land transfers for Western taxpayers.
The lack of legal merits of “transferring” national public lands to the states.

“We chose the URL ‘’ to emphasize what Westerners already know -- that our incredible system of national parks, national monuments, national forests, and national wildlife refuges belong to all Americans, not just citizens of a particular state, nor a few companies or wealthy individuals. This is a fundamental American ideal, and it should stay that way.”

- Jessica Goad, Advocacy Director at the Center.