Following weeks of public comment analysis, the Montana Public Service Commission on Tuesday unanimously approved the final version of regulations to allow ride-sharing companies to operate in Montana.

This opens the door to smartphone apps such as Uber and Lyft to operate under a Class-E license.

“Moving forward with this rulemaking process encourages innovative businesses to provide new and useful services in Montana,” said PSC Chairman Brad Johnson, R-Helena. “There will be some wrinkles to iron out once this rule is put into practice, but the Commission will continually look for ways that we can improve these regulations to ensure an even playing field for transportation services in Montana.”

Additionally, the rules implement a change in the standard the PSC uses to determine whether passenger services may operate. Previously, a business had to prove it was “needed” in the market and that it would not compete against other businesses in the market. Today, after SB 396’s passage, the PSC only is required to determine that the business is fit to operate in order to grant a certificate.