Rachelle Croft and Rhonda Cahill, two Bozeman moms who plan to compete in March in The Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles (French for The Gazelles Rally), the toughest all-female off-road rally in the world.

The women are also using this incredible life-affirming opportunity, where they must raise $35,000 to participate, to shine the spotlight on an epidemic that has affected millions of people, including each one of them.

“We are both victims of sexual abuse,” says Croft, “so our racing efforts at the world famous Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles—it’s French—will give a voice to a situation many find so difficult to talk about.”

“The Rallye will provide us with an incredible platform to carry our voices around the globe, inspiring others to hopefully do the same: come forward, and stop the cycle of sexual abuse,” explains Cahill. “At the same time, we hope to inspire moms to live their dreams as an example to their children, instead of waiting until the kids leave the nest.”

Five percent of the funds the women raise for their racing endeavor will go to “Voice Today”, an organization dedicated to eradicating sexual abuse and providing healing for survivors.

If you miss the conversation Tuesday, join Rachelle Croft And Rhonda Cahill for “ALIVE: Driven to Inspire”

Event: “ALIVE: Driven to Inspire”

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