As I was sitting in the studio listening to Rush, just after 10, this morning all seemed well as he opened the show with the following paragraph:

RUSH:  Well, did you watch any of the championship games over the weekend, the National Football League?  The overnight ratings say that you did.  A lot of people watched it.  I just wanted to remind you that, I, El Rushbo, proven correct.  Both games, in fact the standard football analysis picks and the environmentalist wacko pick methods, both would have worked, both did work.  I was two-for-two.  And, of course, the difference in the 49er game and the Seahawk game, it's clear that the Seahawks, as a team are more pro-gay than even the Fort'iners.

And great to have you with us, folks.  Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network...

What caught my ear was the bolded statement above, emphasis mine not Rush's. I waited as his commentary developed into a rather direct retelling of Richard Sherman postgame interview with Erin Andrews. No return to the Gay comment... or explanation of why it was used in the first place.

The only thing I can think of is, it's a niffy radio trick used by a veteran broadcaster to keep you listening just a little bit longer.

What are your thoughts?