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I Wanna Be Like Jeff
You probably never heard of Jeff Greene. No particular reason you should. He’s not a big name in the news. But he's the message of America.
Saturday Mail Delivery Is Going To Stay Put
Senator Tester has been standing strong against the US Post Office since they announced they were considering cutting Saturday mail delivery.
Today the USPS decided to not pursue cutting Saturdays. Senator Tester Said:
Rural America depends on reliable and efficient mail delivery, …
US Senate Debate In Kallispell, Tester, Rehberg and Cox [VIDEO]
First of all thank's to Vinnie for sending me the link to see this debate.
It was interesting that the three candidates for the US Senate position had 3 extremely different views. You have heard from Tester and Rehberg quite often, but to have Dan Cox the Libertarian candidate in the mix was ref…
Denny Rehberg With Mark Allen Monday Morning
Denny Rehberg will be with us by phone Monday morning at about 940. If you have a question you would like me to ask Denny, please email me the question to and I will ask him Monday.