The Greatest 100 Years in History – Are Ahead
I’ve lived through nine recessions. The current one, if in fact we are still in a recession, will be my tenth. I’ve lived through six wars, high gas prices, 10% unemployment, 15% home loans, a 21% prime rate, and the demise of the 8-track tape deck...
LEGO Man Sent to Space By High School Students [VIDEO]
A couple of Canadian high school students, Matthew Ho and Asad Muhammad, coordinated a space mission for the smallest known astronaut - a LEGO man. The two used a weather balloon, Styrofoam and cameras to capture it all in HD Video.
Farthest Space Craft From Earth: Voyager 1
The Spacecraft Voyager 1 is nearing its exit of our Solar System. Launched in 1977, this spacecraft has been on it's journey for 33 years and is just now escaping our tiny collection of planets making it the farthest any spacecraft has gone!