Another Evil CEO Story
On April 13th, Dan Price announced that his starting pay within the next three years for all employees would be $70,000 a year.
Seattle Jogger Hit By Semi Wants An Apology From SPD [VIDEO]
Seattle jogger hit by semi is calling for an apology from Seattle Police after dash cam footage of the police officers laughing at the man surfaced.
The victim, Tim Nelson, requested the police cam footage because he couldn't remember what happened. What he found was startling to say the least.
Seattle ‘Superhero’ Phoenix Jones Arrested
For about a year, a man using the pseudonym Phoenix Jones has donned a costume and mask and prowled the streets of Seattle in an effort to thwart crime. But early Monday morning, it was the self-styled superhero who found himself behind bars.
Seattle police say Jones approached a group of people at a…