Should College Athletes Get Paid?
I know this has been debated over the years, but there has never been as much money in college sports as right now. For instance in 2010 the NCAA signed a 14 year deal with CBS Sports and Turner Broadcasting for $10.8 Billion. Just this season there will be $16 million made in rights agreements, tic…
Penn State of Affairs
There have been some tough rulings by the NCAA over the years. Colleges stripped of wins or titles, excluded from bowl games, scholarships reduced. The NCAA’s ruling against Penn State is unprecedented. They ruled the following:
NCAA College Football Bowl Preview — Dec. 31-Jan. 8
Bowl season is hitting its high point with the biggest games of the year coming up in the next week. While much of the focus is understandably on the BCS games and the national championship, there are a lot of other good games coming up for your viewing pleasure in the next few days. We’ll have prev…
NCAA College Football – Week Eight Recap
It was the most exciting week of the year so far, as six Top 25 teams, including two in the Top Five, went down to defeats. Oklahoma and Wisconsin saw their national title hopes take a big hit, while LSU and Alabama continue on a collision course for a huge showdown in two weeks. Here are all the hi…

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