Mitt Romney

Is It Business Or Personal?
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This is one of those questions no one can really answer unless you’ve been in a position to make a hard decision concerning the hiring and firing of people.
Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina, and Mitt R…
Did Romney Cheat at the Presidential Debate? [VIDEO EVIDENCE]
Most will agree that Mitt Romney won the Presidential Debate against Barack Obama last week. Supporters of Barack Obama have gone as far as saying it was the altitude that affected Obama's demeanor, it was his anniversary that had him distracted/tired, or that he has been busy and tired running the …
3 Former Montana Governors Endorse Romney
Former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot (1993-2001) announced his support last week, and Tuesday Judy Martz (2001-2005) and Tim Babcock (1962-1969) joined him in backing Mitt Romney for the Country's highest office. All 3 agree that Romney has the experience, vision and values to lead our country...
Mitt’s Income VS Your Income
Mitt Romney released his tax returns and it showed he had income of $21.6 million dollars. There is a calculator out where you type in your annual income and it tells you how long it would take Mitt to make your annual salary. Embarrassing.
No Surprise: Romney Wins New Hampshire
Heavily-favored former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary by a comfortable margin Tuesday, taking 39 percent of the vote with libertarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul in second with 23 percent...

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