global warming

Are Facebook Battles Worth It?
Facebook has confirmed that those I used to know who had no political views now have unbending, etched in stone, you’re an idiot, political points of view.
Tom’s Opinion: Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?
I’ve been around the planet a day or two. I’ve lived in warm climates, cold climates and in between climates. In recent years the topic of global warming moves to the headlines during or after some catastrophic disaster. The most recent example would be — hurric…
Going Green: How much will it cost me to save the planet?
This is a question that more and more people around the world are asking. Some folks are doing little things like putting in the curly light bulbs. While others are, what some would lovingly call, going off the deep end. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t find myself behind a gas saving hybrid plaste…