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How Art Affects Our Health – Gesundheit! with Jacobus [RADIO SHOW AUDIO]
On Air show from June 1, 2013.
On this "Gesundheit! With Jacobus" Philip & Leila Zemke will be back to continue their talk on “The Role of Art in Psychological and Physical Health”.
Last time Philip explained the discovery and development of different art forms throughout history, what i…
Tackling Hormones – Gesundheit! with Jacobus [RADIO SHOW AUDIO]
On Air Show from March 9, 2013.
During this show it will be you and I tackling many important health issues.
Some of the topics I have on tap are:
* New studies on Mammograms and Breast Cancer;
* The important health benefits of Sulphur;
* Misconceptions about our food supply;
* And, …I would like …