What's going on?

Lower Cost Generic Drugs For The People Of Montana
Supporters of the Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples Act are trying to gather bipartisan support to combat brand-name drug manufacturers’ attempts to delay competition from more affordable generic drugs.
Former UM Student Charged With Attempted Homicide
A former University of Montana student has been charged with two counts of attempted homicide at a Missoula convenience store shooting. Bail has been set at $1 million each. 18-year-old Chase Munson and 19-year-old UM student Ivory Brien. are being charged with two counts of accountability for attem…
Montana’s Bigamy Laws Are Being Challenged.
Montana’s bigamy laws are being challenging. In the case, Collier v. Fox, plaintiffs Nathan, Vicki, and Christine Collier tried to legalize their plural marriage. In 2015, the Colliers were denied a marriage license by Yellowstone County. Nathan Collier, who is legally married to Vic…
Grizzly Bear Hunt May Happen In The Fall
We may not be able to hunt grizzly bear's in Montana, but Wyoming may permit it. According to the Associated Press. It would be the first grizzly bear hunt in over 40 years. The animal was put on the federal endangered species list in 1975.
Former Vice President Quayle Endorses Downing for Senate
Troy Downing, candidate for U.S. Senate has announced the endorsement of former Vice President Dan Quayle. Vice President Quayle served under President George H. W. Bush and was the youngest member of the U.S. Senate from Indiana elected in 1980.
Gianforte Upset About President Trumps Tariffs
Congressman Greg Gianforte released the following statement today in response to the order on aluminum and steel tariffs:

“I’ve been reaching out to Montana farmers, ranchers, value-added manufacturers, and other ag leaders, and they’re concerned. These tariffs…
Free, Fair, Smart Trade Is Good For America & Montana
Senator Steve Daines is backing President Trump on tariffs

“I support the President’s efforts to make better trade deals for the American worker,” said Daines. “I am relieved he has more narrowly tailored our trade sanctions, than originally propos…
Daines Is Fighting To Protect Americans Privacy
Today during a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee meeting, members voted to include six of U.S. Senator Steve Daines’ bills to protect Americans’ privacy. Improving cyber security will ensure the responsible use of taxpayer dollars in the Depa…
Daines Pushes The New STOP School Violence Act
Senator Steve Daines has announced his new proposal, the Students, Teachers and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act. This legislation he introduced secures our schools by implementing proven, evidence-based programs and technologies that will stop school violence before it happens.
A.G. Fox Urges Passage of Child Pornography Victim Bill
Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is calling on congressional leaders to pass legislation supporting victims of child pornography.

The bill, the Amy, Vicky, and Andy Child Pornography Victim Assistance Act of 2017, will make it easier for victims of child pornography to obtain restitution.
Skier Dies At Whitefish Mountain Resort
Officials in northwestern Montana have released the name of the man who died after falling into a tree well. His name is Charles Douglas Her and he was visiting from Canadian. The 56-year-old skier who lived in Calgary, Alberta died last Friday.
'Americans are already $7.7 trillion short for retirement'
Senator Steve Daines has Introduced a bill to upgrade America’s retirement saving system.According to Daines "Americans are already $7.7 trillion short for retirement"

The Retirement Savings Lost and Found Act will modernize the retirement system to better protect America…
Battling The Meth Epidemic in Montana
Congressman Greg Gianforte has introduced the Tribal Addiction and Recovery Act, known as the TARA Act.

Native tribes are being hit very hard by the scourge of meth.The legislation Gianforte wants will combat meth use across Montana.
The First Montana Child Has Died From The Flu
An Montana elementary school student from Billings has died of complications due to influenza. This is the first child death from the flu in Montana since the 2015-16 flu season.
Feel-Good Measures Won’t Keep Our Kids Safe
Senator Steve Daines this morning was on the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends. Daines, who was seen talking to President Trump in yesterdays broadcast meeting explained is called out congressional colleagues for proposing feel-good solutions. Daines says these feel-good solution won&CloseCurly…
Kill Two And Out In 50 Years
A 24-year-old Montana man is sentenced to 100 years in prison. Dana Redding Jr. was found guilty of the beating death of his 2-year-old daughter. District Judge Blair Jones said Redding Jr. would not be eligible for parole until he served 50 years in prison.