On Monday, Senator Walsh demanded the President form an independent commission to review the care veterans are receiving from the VA.

The Commission for Care – would conduct an independent, bipartisan topline review of the nation’s VA facilities and provide in-depth recommendations to Congress and the President for immediate action and legislation needed to address the failings of the VA.

“With each new report, we learn the deepening and disturbing extent of the VA health system failure under the Obama administration. This administration is out of both time and excuses for the lack of oversight and widespread abuse that plague the services our men and women have earned.


“Today, I am calling for the establishment of an independent, bipartisan commission to review the VA and provide an action plan to Congress for how this nation can fully live up to the promises made to the men and women who sacrificed for our country.”

Walsh’s Commission for Care would be organized similarly to the Dole-Shalala Commission, with representatives from Veterans Service Organizations, major medical facility leadership from the public and private sectors, and former Cabinet secretaries who served under both political parties.  The Commission will also have a representative from rural America to ensure the large number of veterans living in rural America are represented.