On Friday, First Lady Lisa Bullock presented the Food Security Council Awards from the Montana Food Bank Network in the capitol rotunda in Helena. 

The awards are in recognition of individuals and organizations who have worked to reduce hunger and improve the nutritional status of Montanans.

Network Director Gayle Gifford said the Food Security Council is comprised of individuals from government, business and public service.

"The council consists of among others, some of our staff members, but people of the state level, through the university system, just anybody who is in a position to support some programs to fight hunger," Gifford said. "It could be childhood, the WIC program, and many others that work throughout the year. One of the important things that has emerged this year is the Child Hunger Initiative."

Some of the award recipients included Nancy Meyers of Bigfork, Lynne Keenan of Browning, Ann Waickman of Helena, Market Place of Helena, former state senator Kendall Van Dyk, and Katie Bark of Bozeman.

The Montana Food Bank Network is headquartered in Missoula and distributes food to shelters and food banks all over the state.