A wild visitor to a Montana home in St. Regis ended up dead after the homeowner pulled out a gun and shot it in the head.

“Really early in the morning on Thursday morning there was a home owner who had a bear that had been visiting their property, getting into some garbage,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Spokeswoman Vivica Crowser. “It was really close to the home and they shot it. It is something that FWP investigated on Thursday and deemed was a legitimate shooting, but garbage was the attractant in this case.”

Crowser said the incident is a good reminder for all Montana homeowners to take precautions.

“The main take home message is that if, as a property owner, you have a bear or some other wildlife coming in to your property, the first question to ask is ‘what my be drawing it in?’” Crowser said. “If it is something like garbage, then take steps there and then to get that attractant out of the way.”

The homeowner claims that the bear charged at her and that she shot in self-defense.