Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is having issues retaining wardens and has a call out for new recruits. Montana FWP Spokesman Ron Aasheim says that retaining wardens has been a constant struggle.

"Typically, it's the fact that other law enforcement opportunities provide them better financial compensation. The question becomes, are you willing to give up fiscal opportunities for a lifestyle and a job that you perhaps would enjoy more?"

According to Aasheim, certain areas of the state have a harder time with retention than others. He points to the Bakken, where housing expenses are on the rise.

"A lot of the openings are in the East, Aasheim said. "Our wardens, as they get training and experience, there is kind of a pecking order, if you have time and grade you get first shot at some other jobs as long as all things are equal. So they do typically move west, and it's getting hard out there."

So far, seven new wardens have been hired in the past six months, but six more are needed.