Senator Steve Daines has introduced legislation to rein in out of control executive agencies that interpret laws inappropriately to grant themselves more regulatory authority than Congress intended.

The Regulatory Authority Clarification Act would allow Congress to provide additional clarification on what regulatory authority has or hasn’t been granted by passing concurrent resolutions.

“Montanans know far too well the cost of Washington’s top-down, unchecked ability to issue broad and burdensome regulations,” Daines stated. “This legislation is a good step towards reducing the costly red-tape that hinders the growth and stability of hardworking Montana businesses. It’s far past time to rein in overbearing regulations and give Montana families, business owners and taxpayers the relief they deserve.”

Although Congress can rein in agencies by passing new laws or using the Congressional Review Act, these methods require the president’s approval, effectively creating a 2/3 majority requirement to override a veto. Under the Regulatory Authority Clarification Act, Congress could use resolutions that are not subject to presidential approval to make it clear what authority Congress has or has not granted agencies in law and to overrule improper interpretations by agencies.