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German Prostitutes Have to Feed a Street-Walking Meter
Prostitution is legal in Germany, and subject to taxation. While the German government doesn’t have a problem collecting taxes from sex workers who operate out of brothels, getting street walkers to pay up has been tricky.
The German city of Bonn thinks they have a solution to this problem: a parking…
House Fire Kills 11 in Australia [VIDEO]
Eleven people perished Tuesday when a fire burned down a house near Brisbane, Australia.
Search teams are trying to retrieve the victims’ bodies from the two-story house, but the process is proving most difficult due to the extensive damage caused by the fire. The intense blaze also destroyed two veh…
Celebrations Erupt as Libyan Rebels Sweep Into Tripoli [VIDEO]
After six months of civil war, Libyan rebels swept into Tripoli on Sunday and laid claim to most of the city. Government troops and snipers loyal to Moammar Gadhafi continued to put up a last-ditch resistance near his compound, though it is unknown if the Libyan leader was still inside.
Female Pakistani Squash Player Carries on Dream in Spite of Taliban
Maria Toorpakai Wazir, a rising star in the sport of squash, grew up in rural Pakistan where her father, fearing retaliation for violating strict Pakistani tradition, “encouraged everyone to think she was his son,” reports the Toronto Star. After Toorpakai became more well-known, the Taliban report…

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