The Battle of Los Angeles
After the attack on Pearl Harbor anti-aircraft artillery was placed up and down the California Coast in case the Japanese might try to attack the west coast of the United States.
Fifty Years of Apple
Three guys had an idea and found a way to make it work. They did it to make a difference; not to make a buck. Do you have the next big idea?
What’s Wrong With My Light Bulbs?
My problem is the government being able to tell a company that they are no longer permitted to manufacture a product based on a hunch that saving energy might have something to do with climate.
Computer Frustration – I’m Sure You’ve Been There
We have three computers in our house. I realize that’s about four or five fewer than other’s but I’m frugal. Moreover, that frugality sometimes makes for a tough night especially when you are under a deadline for your blog and two of the three aren&Clo…

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