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Jennifer Bordy With Our Weekly Law Talk [AUDIO]
This week Jennifer Bordy hit on a couple great topics.
The Defense of Marriage Act, and do courts go farther than they need to, to make a point.
If you missed it or want to hear it again, here it is.
Jennifer Pt 1
Jennifer Pt 2
Jennifer Pt 3
Bozeman Still Dealing With $3 Million Lawsuit [AUDIO]
This morning Chris Kukulski was in for our weekly visit and we talked about the proposed budget for the new fiscal year.
But the big thing hanging over the city's head is the $3 million dollar settlement Bozeman has to pay for because of a botched up purchase of the Mandeville Farm property...
Napoleon Exhibit Opens At Museum of the Rockies [AUDIO]
Pierre-Jean Chalencon who is the private owner of this awesome Napoleon collection came in to be on the show
Thursday morning. He is the sole owner of over 2000 Napoleon artifacts and has hand picked over 200 of those to be on display at the Museum through October 7th...
Michael More For PSC District 3 [AUDIO]
Mike More former State Legislator is running for Public Service Commission and joined Kate Reid and I Wednesday morning to talk about his concerns and hope for the position. Mike also mentioned how he did not think it was right for John Vincent , who has the position now in district 3, to be absent …

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