Winter Storm "Astro" hit Montana on Monday and is gone. Now, November 13,  Montana is facing winter storm "Bozeman." Erika Shupe is the high school Latin teacher at Bozeman High School, whose class came up with the names that The Weather Channel is using for this year’s winter storms. She said her students are happy the storm will hit their hometown.

"A lot of my students are excited that the storm did not hit Texas, and I think the Weather Channel is too," Shupe said. "We're glad that the system is going to be gracing Bozeman along with much of Montana. The storm has really hit Portland and the Cascades. There's been 50 to 60 mph winds in the Columbia River Gorge. We're expected with one to three inches and I'm sure more in the upper elevations."

Bozeman High school student Connor Devine said he’s waiting expectantly for a storm at the bottom of the list.

"I was particularly interested with the one 'zealous,' just because it's hard to think of a 'z' name in any language," Devine said. "Then you find this one in Latin, and it's just a really cool name."

Connor said he’s not a fan of the cold weather, but he’s happy to see some new snow.