Valerie Olberding, a resident of Belgrade, has been chosen to participate in the 2014 MS Run the US Relay that began last month in Los Angeles.  Valerie will be running the equivalent of a marathon per day over the course of SEVEN days (168 miles) in support of MS.

“Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, I was constantly surrounded by athletics from watching multiple professional sports teams to playing with many middle school teams to college sports teams, focusing on hockey and soccer”, said Olberding, “I’ve always had a heart for lending these hands! That’s why this relay is something that grabs my eyes and steals my heart. I truly believe that we are nothing unless each and every one of us can look beyond ourselves and reach out to others, whether it be re-building a family’s house devastated by a tornado in Kansas or simply picking up an elders jacket dropped on the floor of a coffee shop. Whatever it is, we all have the ability to help in some way.”