What will you need to make the most of the second annual Super Garage Sale at the Gallatin Country Fairgrounds? Cash - better to have too much than not enough. Someone might buy your precious find if you can't pony up the dough. A Vehicle - with so much stuff for sale you never know what you might be leaving with, make sure you have a means to get your loot home. A Smile - it will be hard not to smile when you see all of the merchandise. Also, the feeling of not having to drive loops around Bozeman to see it all will be nice.

With over 50 booth spaces, the garage sale will cover all sorts of genres of goods. A few participating sellers shared with us what they will be selling. MSU was one of them and they will selling lots of additional dorm furniture including chairs, couches, clothing, and assorted odds and ends. Other sellers will have tools, motorcycle parts, wind chimes, chess sets and bicycles. That's just a few of our sellers, you can expect an assortment of many more.

Be sure to get to the sale early to make sure the goods aren't picked off before you get a chance to see the selection. With an early bird ticket of $5 you can get into the sale at 7am and regular tickets for $3 will get you in at 8:30am.