So much has been written and reams of paper will be printed on tonight regarding David Letterman's departure from television. I don't know what more I can add. Dave will be the Last of the Greats, like Carson and Paar before him, except there will be no more cut from that cloth.

Times changed; The late-night variety show, even in my few years on Earth is no longer recognizable. The Fallons, the Kimmels and hell, Stewarts (Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show later this year.) have taken over.

Dave is a courageous broadcaster. He's had his public issues that have been pointed out by others. But Dave was completely fearless. Don't believe me?

Let us go back to 1986. Dave thought it would be funny to strap a camera on a MONKEY and let it run around the studio. Remember this is WWAAAAAYYYYY before GoPro:

What have I learned from the hours wasted watching such monkey business? Look for the "funny" in EVERYTHING, never give up, or in, have a healthy disrespect for those that "know" because something just might stick. Best to you, Dave!