Just two days ago our new congressman, Ryan Zinke, was sworn into office. On that eventful day the congressman took the time to call me and because of my request of YOUR questions to Mr. Zinke, I led with "Who do you plan to vote for as Speaker of The House?"

Representative Zinke Answers:

Based on the statement above and further statements to Voices of Montana host, Aaron Flint some Montanans feel the congressman 'flipped.'

At the insisting of my final caller Thursday morning; I emailed the office of Representative Zinke asking did the congressman 'flip?'

Heather Swift - Communications Director:

There was no flip. You spoke with the Congressman before the vote, at the time of the conversation he was still undecided.

The members voted in alphabetical order by the time they got to Zinke the race for Speaker was clearly between Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner. At that point, a vote for anyone one else would be a vote to strengthen Pelosi. Zinke is still committed to his conservative principles. (Thursday) he is casting his first of many votes to roll back ObamaCare. He is also co-sponsoring legislation to repeal the medical device tax in ObamaCare next week.

It's a numbers game in the biggest popularity contest in the world. The Speaker is second in line of succession to the Presidency of the United States! And if, in this case, a vote currys favor with the man second in line to be President, it can only benefit Montana in the long run.

Glad to see my congressman thinking Super Bowl and not first down.