I Need MORE Time Off Work!!
The employer has now paid the employee for 176 hours (4.4 weeks) for which the employee produced nothing at all. Over one full month off — with pay.
Summer Driving Tips
It started with an email from a 1450 KMMS-AM Listener encouraging everybody to drive with their headlight on to reduce accidents. So we called upon Sgt. Travis Munter of the Bozeman Police Department to ask if it was true, driving with headlights on would reduce collisions...
Woman’s Lawn Stolen While on Vacation
It’s natural to worry about things when you leave for vacation. Did I turn the lights off? Are the doors locked? Did I take the trash out? What you don’t worry about, however, is your lawn being stolen. Maybe now you should.
Canadian Denise Thompson went on a short vacation over the weekend with her …