Tom Burnett

Should State Employees Get a Pay Raise?
Former State Representative Tom Burnett joined me to talk about the Governor's budget, particularly what fat can be cut.  Bullock's proposed budget is $11.5 billion over two years and relies on nearly half the revenues from Washington, DC.  It reportedly represents an increase in…
Tom Burnett Talked About Social Handouts In Montana [AUDIO]
Did you know that if you are a family of 6 in Montana making $38,000 a year, and you apply for government assistance, if you received all you are eligible for your assistance would be worth $93,000. Why would you try to better yourself when the handouts are so great.
Big Sky Pachyderm Candidates Night February 2, 2012
Big Sky Pachyderm will be hosting a candidate night at their regular meeting on Thursday, February 2 at 6:30 PM at the Holiday Inn in Bozeman. The following candidates will be attending: for governor- Neil Livingstone; for the MT legislature- Ted Washburn, Tom Burnett and Kerry White; for count…