Senator Scott Sales

The Possible State Budget Showdown [AUDIO]
Thursday Senator Scott Sales and Representative Kerry White joined me to talk about the weekly legislation update. Even though the House voted 100-0 to pass the state budget, Senator sales thinks that there is something hidden, or misleading about the budget numbers, and is looking for further infor…
Scott Sales Talks About Drones Over Montana [AUDIO]
At this point in the Legislature for this year, there is no way we can out law drones over Montana altogether. It is going to have to be done by citizens initiative.
We also opened up the phone lines to Senator Sales and he fielded some great questions
Governor Bullock Gives The New Legislators His 2013 Budget [AUDIO]
House Appropriations and the Senate Finance and Claims committees got a rundown of what Governor Bullocks' new budget looks like.This is what Governor Bullock expects:
In order to accomplish this, the Governor-Elect requests in the strongest possible terms that the Legislature follows his lead a…