Scott Sales

Wednesday Morning With Mark Allen
If you are as frustrated as I am about the back room deals that happen in Helena during the Legislative session, tune in Wednesday morning and find out more Helena nonsense with Scott Sales, Gordy Vance and Mike Phillips.
Wednesday Morning With Mark Allen
This morning we will chat with former Montana Legislator Scott Sales and talk about legislation. We will have with us after 8 the new Bozeman Police Chief Ron Price. And after 9 Kate Reid will join me as well.
Wednesday Morning With Mark Allen
Former State of Montana Legislator Scott Sales joins me from 7-8, After 8 it's your city manager Chris Kukulski and then after 9 Bozeman School Superintendent Kirk Miller joins Kate Reid and I. See you on the radio.
Wednesday Morning With Mark Allen
Still up for grabs are the autographed copies of Jason Lewis' new book. Go to the instant win button on this website, type in jasonlewis, and see if your an instant winner. Former State Legislator Scott Sales will be here after 7 with a 1450 KMMS look at Legislation. And more.
Wednesday Morning Is Gonna Be Great
A Friend of mine, Sammy, is living here in Bozeman. He moved here from Cairo, where is wife, mother in law and 5 kids still are. What is his message for Hosni Mubarak, and who would he like to see in charge. Those questions and more will get answered this morning. I will also be visited by Scott Sal…
Wednesday Morning Show
I like Wednesday's because Scott Sales comes in and talks Montana Legislation. He will fill us in on good bills and bad bills working their way through the legislature right now.
Tuesday Morning On The Big Show
This morning we will have a good time with our guests. In studio will be Scott Sales, former Montana Speaker of the House with our weekly legislative update. Also Robert Worobec will try and keep us healthy, Jaimie Cargil with the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Mayor Krause and Tammy Hall.