Robert Worobec

Tuesday Morning With Mark Allen
Today Robert Worobec will join me on the phone with our healthy living segment at 740, Jaime Cargill with the Fairgrounds will be here, Mayor Krauss after 830 and Tammy Hall in the house as well.
Tuesday Morning With Mark Allen
A chat with Robert Worobec today, maybe he can get me feeling better, it was a rough Monday morning. We will talk to Jaimie with the fairgrounds and see how the Winterfest was, Mayor Krauss and Tammy Hall all this morning.
Tuesday Morning On The Big Show
This morning we will have a good time with our guests. In studio will be Scott Sales, former Montana Speaker of the House with our weekly legislative update. Also Robert Worobec will try and keep us healthy, Jaimie Cargil with the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, Mayor Krause and Tammy Hall.