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No Surprise: Romney Wins New Hampshire
Heavily-favored former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary by a comfortable margin Tuesday, taking 39 percent of the vote with libertarian Texas Rep. Ron Paul in second with 23 percent...
Does A Run As An Independent Ron Paul Mean An Obama Win? [VIDEO]
Ron Paul seems to be many GOP members' worst nightmare. Either he will steal the vote away from the Republican nominee or he will need to be the Republican nominee. Both of which are unwanted by the right winged Republicans? Even if Ron Paul wins the poll in Iowa, he won't be their nominee…
Rick Perry Stumbles In GOP Debate Wednesday
Is Rick Perry's flub something of concern or just a slip of the mind? I mean, how often is a President required to recall key points of a discussion during a 4 year presidency? See Rick Perry forget what three agencies of government he would like to remove in the video below.
Sarah Palin Will Be President In 2012, She Believes
In an interview with Newsweek, Sarah Palin said it herself that she believes she would win a Presidential Election if she ran in 2012. Whether or not she will run is still in the air. Is she getting ahead of herself  by being so confident...

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