presidential address

Presdential Address 1/15/11
The President discusses the tragedy in Tucson and how even within the wake of tragedy we become stronger as is typical of Americans and that we still have work to do. I personally liked the line "Before we are Democrats or Republicans, we are Americans." Video and transcript inside…
Presidential Address 1/8/11
The president discusses job growth and new tax breaks for companies to help them continue to hire new job postitions. Obama also mentions the $2,500 tax credit for college students.
Presidential Address 1/1/11
The President wishes the Nation a Happy New Year and shares that his resolution for 2011 is to help the families and business hurt in the recent recession. The President also references our past in hopes of motivating the country to work together to really focus on the long run 10, 20 years from now…
Presidential Address 12/18
We will begin posting each week's address so that you can watch and read about the nations decisions right here on Bozeman's News Talk Leader. This week the President addresses the recent signing of the tax policy and the importance of the nuclear arms START Treaty with Russia.