Big Sky Resort reported a couple of inches of snowfall at the top of Lone Peak from last night and today.The resorts mountain base area saw temperatures in the low 40s, high 30s and the top of Lone Peak temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees less than the base area. Although snow in July is rare, higher elevations may experience snowfall.

“It’s fun to see snow on the ground from our webcam and especially with all this talk about an El Nino year,” said Sheila D’Amico, Public Relations Manager at Big Sky Resort. “Whether it’s him or his sister, La Nina, Big Sky always seems to get the snow.”

(Photo credit, Michael Stenberg)

As with most weather in Montana, it is always changing and the rest of this week, temperatures will be back the mid-70s with sunshine and in time for the annual Professional Bull Riding series which starts Thursday night in the town of Big Sky.

Big Sky Resort is open for their summer season until September 27, 2015 and will open for the winter season on November 26, 2015.