Classes at the University of Montana will begin Monday morning and Jesse Laslovich with the state auditor’s office wanted to give students one last reminder as well as some helpful advice about starting college and for some, moving to a new state.

"Some things they should keep in mind is one: All of their belongings, which if I remember when I went to college you can all fit into a car or truck, those personal belongings are typically are not insured unless you have renter's insurance," Laslovich said. "We're encouraging people to at least explore the possibility of obtaining renter's insurance."

If you do have renter’s insurance, even if you’re away from your dorm room, the insurance still covers your belongings—even if it’s in your car. Laslovich also reminds students not to forget about car insurance.

"I think people underestimate how valuable their renter's insurance can be for that very reason," Laslovich said. "The important thing to remember about car insurace is it's not with the individual, it's with the vehicle. So if a student is driving one of their parent's cars and it's insured by their parents, then they're good as long as they have the approval of their parents to be driving that car. That's what important for those policies."

Laslovich said don’t forget about the insurance paperwork on your way to college, too.