Senator Jon Tester:

"I'm pleased that the Party nominated Amanda Curtis.  She brings grit, energy and a breath of fresh air.  Now, Montana Democrats must come together to deliver a strong message:  We are the Party that stands up for working families by protecting our public lands, womens' access to health care, Social Security and Medicare, and ensuring that Montana tribes have the resources they need to succeed.  As your senior senator, I'm committed to delivering that message and leading our candidates to victory."

Senator John Walsh:

"The people of Montana have an important choice for their next senator: A Butte teacher, or a Congressman with a record of shutting down the government and hurting small businesses, privatizing Medicare, selling off public lands, taking away the freedom of choice for women, and taking food away from hungry people.


"I thank the Montana Democratic Party for putting faith in Amanda, and now all Democrats can stand together to serve our most vulnerable neighbors, to protect our clean air, water and public land, to fight for good education, and to protect Social Security and Medicare."